Luxury Lash Shampoo

Luxury Lash Shampoo

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Candy Lashes UK Luxury Lash Shampoo
is a must-have product for every lash client and lashes technician.
Our product is a perfect way to effectively clean the lashes from any dirt/makeup or oils. 

We do also recommend selling shampoo to clients to ensure they are cleaning their lashes properly. 

This product comes in a 30ml bottle.

This product is for professional use only, you should only purchase this product if you are a trained and certified lash technician. Bubble Lash supplies cannot be held accountable for the misuse or damages caused by this product. Keep out of reach of children. If products directly go into the client's eye- rinse immediately with warm water.

Pump a small amount onto your client's eyelids, and with a soft cleaning brushwork in small circular motions to clean the lash and eye area. With a small amount of water wash off any product before starting your lash set. Ensure not to use too much product as this could get into the client's eyes and cause irritation.

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