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Candy Nails



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Introducing our CANDY Luxury Adhesive.
Can be used with classic eyelashes, russian and mega volume eyelashes with the retention lasting up to 7 -9 weeks.
Our adhesive is fast drying and low fume, please ensure you isolate the natural lashes  before dipping in glue.
This adhesive works best with a optimal humidity of 46-68% and temperatures between 20-25°c keep it in 10-15°c.
Recommended for advanced Lash Artist’s as it has a quick (0.5 -1 sec.) drying time.
Patch test is required before using this product on any lash client.

* Extra strong
* 0.5-1 second drying time 
* Super Black
* Low Fumes
* 7-9 week retention (If used correctly) 
* 5ml bottle

For best results-  Store adhesive in a cool dry dark place. Store vertically in an airtight container. Shake for at least 60 secs for each use and wipe away any adhesive off the nozzle after every use. Shelf life is 12 months from purchase (unopened) and  3 months from opening with correct storage. When you first receive your lash adhesive, make sure you give the bottle a very good shake and mix the ingredients.
DISCLAIMER-  This is for professional use only. Incorrect use of fast drying adhesive can cause poor retention please ensure you select an adhesive that suits your skill level. Please DO NOT purchase this adhesive if you are not an qualified insured lash technician. Candy Lashes UK cannot be held accountable for the misuse or damages caused by this product. Keep out of reach of children/ should not come in contact with the skin & should be patch tested at least 48 hours before use. Although reactions may still occur even after a patch test as its not full exposure like a full set of lashes would create. Candy Lashes UK will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions that occur at any time.

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